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Please allow 1-2cm deviation due to manual cutting and measurement.

Available in 50cm x 150cm OR 50cm x 160cm

(1 inch=2.54cm)


Material Comparison

Peach Skin: Finely woven microfiber cloth covered with 0.2mm of short velvet, similar to the surface of honey peach. It is soft, moisture resistant, waterproof, and breathable. Unlike premium materials, it has minimum elasticity and can leave creases. Due to its high cost-performance and easy surface to clean, we recommend this fabric for first-time buyers and gifts.

2Way Tricot: The perfect blend of 85% polyster and 15% spandex. This fabric is widely regarded as the best dakimakura fabric available due to its extra soft texture and high durability. This is why it is commonly used in lingerie. 2Way Tricot is crease-resistant with extremely high printing accuracy. It is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It can quickly be slipped on and off, allowing you to switch between other designs with ease. This material is the best choice if you are an enthusiast or want the best cuddling experience.

Gojo Wakana (My Dress Up Darling) Body Pillow Cover
Gojo Wakana / My Dress Up Darling / Body Pillow Cover


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